TV Shows, Movies, Live Sports, Live TV

Getting TV For Much Cheaper!

No Credit Card Required. Cancel Anytime

TV Shows, Movies, Live Sports, Live TV

Getting TV For Much Cheaper!

No Credit Card Required. Cancel Anytime

Any TV Show Or Movie You Want

Tired of having 5 streaming services to pay for all at once? Or paying for 1 streaming service just to watch the “New Show”? Motion TV allows you to cancel all your other subscriptions and have them all bundled into one for a cheaper price.

SAVE BIG On Sports

NFL, NBA, Soccer and College Sports Are All Completely Available On Our Streaming Service. Tap into any game LIVE from anywhere in the world. Motion TV give yours 4K streaming access to all professional sports.

Live PPV Fights

When you sign up for MotionTV, you get all PPV fights directly connected to your account. FOR FREE. No more spending hundreds on just one fight, enjoy all the action from 1 single streaming service.

Watch Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want

Enjoy the world's greatest stories - anytime, anywhere.

Motion TV Offers You The Most

A unmatched catalogue of shows, movies and LIVE sports all at a touch of a button.

Motion TV vs Others

No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments.

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Streaming Library
12,000+ Premium Channels 20,000+ Movies & Series
7,500 episodes and 500 movies in the first year of launch
47,000 TV episodes 4,000 movies
(Not sure)
All Shows/Movies & Fights Available On 1 Platform
$15/Per Month
$19.99 (premium plan)/Per Month
$19.99 (premium plan)/Per Month
$129.99+/Per Year
$9.99/Per Month
$60-$120/Per Fight
$590 (Not including MotionTV)
Multiple User Profiles
(Not sure)
Watch On your TV, Laptop, Phone, Tablet
No Ads
Includes Shows, Movies, Live TV & Live Sports From Other Streaming Services

Total Pricing = $550 $15 Avg/Month with MotionTV
(SAVE : $535/Per Month)

Frequently Asked Questions

Motion TV is the streaming home for Sports Games, TV Shows, Movies, Fights, and more. From new releases to your favourite classics and exclusive Originals, there’s something for everyone.
Watch Motion TV on your smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, laptop, or streaming device, all for one fixed monthly fee. Plans are all $15 dollars, to add a new screen/seat to your account it’s simply another $15 dollars! A very flexible price that allows you to stream from anywhere.

With Motion TV, you can choose from an always-growing collection of stories.

New releases and timeless classics
Exclusive new Original Movies and Series
Exciting specials and limited-time streaming events
Nostalgic throwbacks and past seasons of your favorite shows
The entire Game of Thrones and much of the Avengers Infinity War
Beloved and experimental shorts
Documentaries, unscripted series, and so much more

Motion TV is Supported on All Android, Firestick, and IOS devices



With Motion TV, you get :

Unlimited downloads
All over titles in 4K UHD and HDR
The ability to watch on six screens at once at no extra cost